Ein Universum aus Zahlen und Buchstaben – oder doch viel mehr? Was wäre wenn ... es eine Plattform gäbe, die eine ganz neue Welt für Ratings öffnet?

Storyboard für ein Erklärvideo für eine Investmentplattform:

What if ...
there was more to see than meets the eye?

What if ...
there was a quite larger universe?

What if ...
the credit universe was bigger than you thought?

What if ...
credit ratings were not just rows of numbers and letters?

What if ...
ratings were transparently priced and fitted your needs?

What if ...
the sky cleared up and you caught a glimpse of a new ratings partner?

What if ...
there was no if?

It′s time to look up and look ahead ...
and discover a new world of credit rating.

Let′s discover a new sphere.

Let′s discover Credit Sphere – the access product to Scope Ratings.

Credit Sphere provides a wider perspective adding the European angle to credit risk.

We are convinced that the variety in the global financial market is too big to be captured from just one angle.
That′s why we like to approach our ratings from a wider perspective. The Scope perspective.

We focus on our customer′s needs to make it easy for clients to use our credit ratings by providing one comprehensive marketplace.
You can use our ratings for any purpose within your organization ...
and access them through various channels.

We apply a predictable pricing structure, transparent and fair to our clients.

You only pay for your individual portfolio coverage and issuer-paid ratings remain separately available and free of charge.

Open your eyes.
Widen your angle.
Get the Scope perspective.

Join our sphere.
Join Credit Sphere.

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