Mitbestimmung kann anstrengend sein. Langwierig. Und nervenaufreibend. Und ist doch so wichtig. Man muss eben drüber sprechen.

Storyboard für ein Erklärvideo zum Thema Mitbestimmung:

Some decisions are hard to make.
And some ... even need a great deal of time.
Before WE make a decision, we like to hear the voices of our employees.
Because their voices are important to us since ... well ... a great deal of time.
That is what we call co-determination.
Co-determination has a long history in German business administration.
It has even become so important that laws have been passed on the subject and institutions have been set up to respect it.
This is how the idea of the works council arose.
Above a certain company size, employees in Germany have the right to elect a works council to represent their interests to their employer.
The works council then has the right to have a say in certain business decisions ...
... and employers are legally obliged to comply with participation rights.
The members of the works council are elected to represent the interests of their colleagues – a huge responsibility.
In order to fulfill this responsibility, they communicate with the workforce and consult with each other.
Especially with digitalization, the demands are increasing extremely fast and are constantly changing.
In order to take into account the complexity of these technical systems, members of the works council are increasingly seeking the advice of external experts.
Negotiations are usually preceded by good and sometimes long-term preparation on both sides, as the negotiating partners are aware of the great demands on their work. Once negotiations are ready to start ...
... it is normal that conflicts can arise here as interests do not always coincide.
Finally, a decision has to be found that is equally acceptable to the employees and the employer.
In fact, this process often takes ... well ... a great deal of time. Maybe so long that experts will come up with new developments – like new devices or new system requirements.
But we are convinced, it is worth it in the end
... because well thought-out decisions last longer
... because employees who participate in decision-making feel valued and are more motivated.
That is why we invest ... a great deal of time ... to hear their voices.

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